Proper Study Habits for Test Preparation

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Proper Study Habits for Test Preparation

When it comes to the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE), you want to pass so that you can move forward in your career. As a PTA, you have glimpsed the rewards of your industry. Now, all that’s left is to complete the test. We want to share some proper study habits to help you improve your chances of success.

Consider What Type of Learner You Are

Much of how you prepare should be based on what type of learner you are. Considering how different you are from your classmates in appearance and personality, it should be no surprise that you may learn differently too. It’s important to acknowledge that individuals can benefit from all learning styles, but one usually stands out as your dominant type.

Visual: Images and pictures are especially helpful to your intake of information

Verbal: Talking or writing about a subject makes it more memorable for you

Physical: You prefer to actively touch or move while learning about something

Logical: Applying reason and systemic thinking are your chosen approaches to education

By considering how you learn, you can best create your approach to test prep. Once you understand how you best acquire knowledge, you can shape your proper study habits.

Improve Your Focus Naturally

Procrastination is not your friend in the face of PTA exam preparation. But you might find yourself clearing out your closet or phoning a classmate to vent about the upcoming test instead of practicing proper study habits. Don’t let anxiety and a failure to prepare work against you. You can improve your focus naturally by:

  • Choosing your environment wisely
  • Scheduling specific time for NPTE preparation
  • Incorporating scents of peppermint, which promotes calmness

If you’re easily distracted, select a quiet environment like a library. Or you may require some white noise to improve your attention, so you might consider a coffee shop or create a playlist of nonintrusive tunes for your prep sessions. Take what you know about yourself and apply it when forming proper study habits.

It seems obvious, but not enough people schedule time for exam preparation. Facebook feeds, Netflix and life happenings will intrude. When you prioritize your time, you enter it with a focused mind, intent on learning.

Also, peppermint promotes focus, so make it a part of your educational routine. Make a cup of tea or keep a stash of candies on hand. Some students even incorporate essential oils to diffuse. The fresh jolt your senses receive from peppermint leaves is sure to energize your mind!

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