Terms & Conditions

To all those who entrust us with their preparation, we ask you to adhere to the following rules:

  1. You are not allowed to record, redistribute or share any of the classes or materials provided to you by Board Preppers and its employees.
  2. Your link access is for you only and cannot be provided to anyone else for any reason.
  3. Having others watching and or participating from your home or facility is strictly prohibited.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are stating you understand that our courses are live, scheduled events, and you know of and have located the calendar on the website showing times and dates of all classes.

Finally, our guarantee is simple and non-negotiable.

  1. Attend all the classes provided by our 60-Hour Main Review.
  2. Complete and turn in all homework assignments given during the course.

If you meet these two criteria and still do not find success on your board exam, then you may attend our course as many times as you need to pass the exam, at A DISCOUNTED RATE OF $99!

You do the work and we will stand with you until you become licensed, and that’s our guarantee.

No questions asked, no legal jargon, just the facts.

  • Scott A. Salamin, PTA

    Founder and CEO,
    Board Preppers