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Our Story

Over the past 25 years, I have opened health clubs around the country and helped thousands of homeowners with their mortgage troubles.  In late 2008, the banking industries went through a significant change, forcing me to look at where my life was headed as a late 30 something-year-old single parent with a daughter in high school.  With that, introductions are in order. My name is Scott Salamin, founder of Board Preppers, and here is my story…

With encouragement from friends and family, I went back to college to pursue my current profession.  While in school, the subjects in the PTA program seemed daunting to most, but seemed much like common sense to me.  As a result, my university asked me to help the fellows in my cohort who were having trouble — and so it began.  I continued doing this for not only my cohort but the one behind as well.  When it was time for boards, I was approached by the school to set up a review class at the university for my cohort.  I did, and the results were out of this world.  Our cohort had one of the highest composite scores in the nation.  We had one perfect score, two near-perfect scores, and a total of 10 students scoring over 700.

Ten board cycles and hundreds of successful stories later, we now have a first-time pass rate at just over 93%, and a nearly 90% pass rate for those who have had multiple attempts at the board.  We look for specific test-taking issues and try to help individuals with any traits that are holding them back.  We are committed to accommodating individuals whose first language is not English; currently, we are prepared to assist Spanish and Egyptian Arabic speakers, but we will be expanding into other languages in the future.

Our Goal

Our long-term goal is to help any and all licensed medical professionals to prepare for their national board exams.  Today we specialize in helping PTA’s, but soon we will be helping PT, OT, COTA, LPN, RN and eventually PA, NA, and ARNP.

I’m not sure why my path has taken the direction it has, but I love what I am doing, and my students love my course, almost to a fault.  I greatly appreciate your time and consideration, and look forward to the opportunity to help you and your fellows abroad.

Scott Salamin, PTA
Founder, Board Preppers