Test Taking Strategies

Board Preppers understands there are those who DO and those who DO NOT test with confidence and success. But, for those who DO NOT, I am here to say, “You are not alone”!!!

Either way, we have developed a plan for you to properly prepare, take, and pass your exam THE FIRST TIME!

Our test-taking strategies include:

  1. Understanding what the question is asking and what the answers are saying through our “Question and Answer Dissection.”
  2. How to address a question you are not able to answer.
  3. How to use elimination techniques to help get to the right answer.
  4. When to sit on a question and when to move on.
  5. How to manage time during the event.
  6. How to avoid anxiety from taking over your exam.
  7. How to achieve the highest percentage possible when the question covers info that you are not familiar with.

Our strategy will have you walk into your exam with CONFIDENCE!!!

Together with our unique test-taking systems and above strategies – passing the board is just a “click” away.