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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to travel anywhere to attend these classes?

No, all of our courses are online by way of interactive webinar format, from the comfort of your home.

Can I watch these classes whenever I want?

No, all of our classes are Live and scheduled.

Where can I find the schedule for the classes?

Please find our calendar in the menu bar on our website.

How do I log into the online classes?

There is an email sent to you immediately after the completion of your purchase. There is the link for class, log in information and scheduling included in this email. Please check your spam folder as the email is generated from our website and most email settings will mark as spam. We strongly recommend you find the email immediately after buying your course.

What do I need to do before classes begin?

Have supplies like notebook, note cards, pens and 2 different color highlighters ready. Your school has supplied you with a study guide, either Score Builders or TherapyEd. You will need both to have the best outcome from this process. Please acquire the other book before classes begin. We will be using the most recent additions.

Do I need any special equipment to attend these classes?

No, our software we use for our classes can be used with any CPU, laptop, tablet or smart phone. You will need and Internet speed capable of streaming movies, e.g. watching Netflix or Hulu. Microphone and camera are not needed to attend our group classes. If you upgrade your package to include 1on1 time, then you would need both a camera and a microphone.

What happens if I miss a class, can I record it and watch when I have time?

No, we do not allow recording of any of our classes, however we have a note sharing process that most of our students participate in.  Also, there is 1on1 time available, where the student controls the topic of conversation.

My state board is requiring that I preform remediation, will these classes count for that?

Yes, for most states our courses qualify for your remediation. There are some states however, that require direct contact hours, which we can not fulfill that portion of the remediation.

If you have any other questions please contact us directly at 844-357-7277