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”You never know when you will inspire… so, always inspire”

Board Preppers provides a live, interactive webinar formatted review of all systems and non-systems required by CAPTE. Our detailed review and proven test strategy ensure your students pass their licensure exam — the FIRST TIME! We have helped hundreds of graduates with multiple attempts at the board find success!

Our goal is to take all the information you have provided to your students, organize it, simplify it, and make it more accessible. In addition, we teach proven test-taking strategies, and ultimately, we give confidence to your students.

At Board Preppers, our system has helped thousands of students from multiple states find success on their board exams. It starts with a detailed review of your chosen review guide. Most schools are currently using Score Builders or Therapy Ed review guides; we use both. We use these exam review guides to give the students the best opportunity to achieve a passing score. On top of the already published sources, we have created many specific methods of explanation for the majority of difficult topics found in these exam review guides.

We know that most schools have students that have difficulty with their board exams. Frankly, if passing the board was purely about knowledge, there wouldn’t be as great a need for our services. However, this exam measures more than just knowledge; it measures time and anxiety management, critical thinking, the ability to identify what’s being asked, and more. These are just a few examples of the complexity of this process. Because of these other factors, we have created our services to HELP graduates finish this daunting process.

We know your time is valuable, so we would like to offer you the opportunity to ask questions. We encourage this so you will feel comfortable entrusting us to help get your students the rest of the way. Please get in touch with us through email or call with any questions.

One final note from our founder: “I sat where your students are right now, and all I kept thinking was, this would have been so much better with guidance helping me to prepare properly, where to start and how to proceed with preparation.” Now there is!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Scott Salamin, PTA