7 Effective Methods to Manage and Reduce Test Anxiety

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how to reduce test anxiety

Techniques for managing and reducing the symptoms of test anxiety.

Feeling stressed or nervous about an upcoming test may cause you to feel isolated and alone. Test-taking anxiety is very common regardless of a person’s confidence or abilities. Being told there isn’t anything to worry about and everything will be fine doesn’t help once you’re seated at a desk or workstation staring at a document or screen in front of you.

Although there is no such thing as a blanket solution that will tackle every person’s unique reason for such stress, there are several effective methods that will be effective in learning how to reduce test anxiety.

There are several to choose from and we’ve outlined a few of the most effective solutions here:

1. Set Aside Plenty of Study Time

Believe it or not, a common solution to anxiety management prior to a test is often to simply be prepared. Too many test takers don’t set aside ample time to study for whatever test they’re taking. This lack of preparation will cause your stress to bottleneck and spill forth once the test begins.

2. Envision the Post-Test Relief

Few people seem to engage in visual actualization, which basically means imagining yourself achieving a goal or what life will be like after a certain event has taken place. Instead of focusing on what it will be like during the test, imagine the relief that you will feel once the test is all over.

3. Tried-and-True Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises have tremendously positive effects on our well-being, and proper techniques can be used as a basic lesson on how to reduce test anxiety. Count to four as you slowly inhale using your diaphragm, hold it for a few seconds, and then slowly exhale to another count of four. Repeat that a few times and you will activate your body’s natural relaxation response.

4. Mirror or Not, Self-Talk Works

A lot of people seem to chuckle and guffaw at the idea of standing in front of a mirror and telling yourself things like “you can do this.” Whether you say words of encouragement to yourself in a mirror, as you drive to work, or even moments before the test begins, positive self-assurance can do wonders for reducing test anxiety.

5. Using Anxiety to Your Advantage

Although it may seem counterintuitive, test-taking anxiety will often work to your advantage. Anxiety increases your need to prepare, direct your attention, increase your intelligence, help you discover your full potential and other related benefits.

6. Watch What You Eat/Drink Before a Test

Certain foods you eat and beverages you drink can obviously have long-ranging effects on your body’s physical and mental health. Ingesting caffeine or sugar before a test may give you a surge of energy and alertness at first, but once this subsides, you could feel restless, rundown, and maybe even jittery. Instead, switch to drinking water and eating a bit of protein to keep your body and mind running smoothly.

7. Laughter Really is the Best “Medicine”

Laughter is not only the best medicine but for many people, it can be the best solution on how to reduce your test anxiety effectively. If funny videos aren’t your thing, try indulging in pratfall videos, newscaster fails, or simply an uplifting music video. No matter what you choose, the goal should be to lighten your mood and get out of your headspace so that you can be more relaxed.

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