Physical Therapy Board Exam Prep: Professional Program VS. DIY

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Professional Physical Therapist Assistant Board Exam Test Preparation

If you’re an aspiring PTA, you are more than ready to enter the workforce. You have the passion and drive for this career path, as well as the observation skills necessary to help prospective patients. The trouble is, these qualities and knowledge of the subject are not enough to get you a job; you need to pass the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) to become certified. One of the key ways to achieving your goal is with effective physical therapist assistant board exam test preparation.

Challenges of DIY NPTE Preparation

Students are often motivated to prep for the NPTE on their own in an effort to save money. They may think professional physical therapist assistant board exam test preparation programs are not worth it. But assessments change each year, and those preparing seldom know where to begin. In most cases, those who DIY end up repeating the exam several times before passing it.

Lack of Direction

Take a moment to think about all of the subject matter you have covered in your various PTA coursework. No doubt, it includes a lot of information. After all, this career calls for astute individuals who are knowledgeable. But those preparing for the NPTE are not always capable of directing their study. With so many details, it is not possible to cover everything. Think of how frustrating it would be to dedicate hours to a particular subject only to find it was barely mentioned on the test. You have heard it before: failure to prepare only prepares you to fail. Do not let your skills go to waste repeating the NPTE.

Professional Physical Therapist Assistant Board Exam Test Preparation

At Board Preppers, we have constructed a physical therapist assistant board exam test preparation program to help you pass more quickly. Aspiring PTAs benefit from professional courses because they are given:

  • Direction for study
  • Accountability
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Guidance for anxiety and time management

With us, you will learn how to look at the detailed subject matter from multiple perspectives, giving you an all-inclusive understanding. Our strategies are proven, and we will help direct how you study for the NPTE.

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Board Preppers

For physical therapist assistant board exam test preparation, turn to us. First-time takers have a 93% passing rate, and repeat-takers see an 89% passing rate. Each of these are higher than average passing rates; this means, if you team with our experts, there will be less time between you and your future PTA career. Cut down on time and overall expenses by enrolling in our course today!

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