how to reduce test anxiety

7 Effective Methods to Manage and Reduce Test Anxiety

Techniques for managing and reducing the symptoms of test anxiety. Feeling stressed or nervous about an upcoming test may cause you to feel isolated and alone. Test-taking anxiety is very common regardless of a person’s confidence or abilities. Being told there isn’t anything to worry about and everything will be fine doesn’t help once you’re…
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guided learning

Is Guided Learning or Self Learning the More Effective Study Strategy?

Quick Look at Guided Learning and Self-Learning The learning process breaks down into two separate categories, which are typically identified as guided learning and self-learning. The definitions of each are probably evident – guided learning is where you are taught by a professional or experienced individual while self-learning relies on using your own research skills to…
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Repetition of Information

How Repetition of Information Helps You During Your Education

Repetition of information is an effective learning strategy. From a very early age, human beings are introduced to a wide variety of concepts that are meant to improve our ability to learn new information and retain it for future use. As a person grows older, he or she may have doubts about their brain’s ability…
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