“THE SYSTEM” by Board Preppers

A Self Study/No Contact program that takes you from A to Z on your way to passing your NPTAE!

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“It’s simple, follow our system and PASS your exam”

Scott Salamin, PTA

Founder, Board Preppers

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About Our Course!


  • Prepare on your timeline.
  • Gain access to all materials until Test day!
  • Digital modules (including PDF’s) of all systems and non-systems.
  • 50+ Hours of recorded review.
  • 3 Practice exams in the NEW FORMAT.
  • 200 Separate questions for our dissection processes.
  • A proven TEST STRATEGY that works.
  • A proven STUDY STRATEGY that helps you manage all the data.
  • Technical support for all software involved.
  • The System by Board Preppers works is you work it!
9 out of 10 students pass4

For over 10 years, Board Preppers has helped more than 9 out of 10 of our PTA students pass the National Licensure Exam.

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