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take our nptae quizThe following 10-question quiz is designed to evaluate your basic understanding of the primary areas of coverage on the NPTAE.  During this event, a timer will run to evaluate your speed vs. accuracy of the testing process.

We encourage you to not worry about the time aspect and to take this quiz as you would any other.  Taking this quiz without books or assistance from others will give us the best overview of how you have performed.

Below we are asking for your name and email address.  This information is being collected so we can send you your results and our recommendations.  Your email address will not be sold or redistributed for any reason.  We will send you updates about courses and information regarding properly preparing to take and pass your NPTAE.

Thank you for your consideration and for entrusting us with your preparation,

Scott Salamin, PTA

Founder, Board Preppers

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