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BOARD PREPPERS was just what I needed to get me a passing score for the state boards. Scott, your teaching skills, strategies on charts and question break down truly helped me achieve the hardest goal in my life. I finally feel accomplished and really to get working on helping people as a PTA. Woohoo! Thank you so very much Scott!!

Kimberly Argue
Newly licensed PTA

Scott is an amazing teacher – very knowledgeable in all areas of physical therapy. He breaks subject matter down and will bring new light to the material, making it easier to understand. He has helped my fellow colleagues and I excel through all of our courses while we were at South University.”

Shayna Bachman
Dunedin, FL

Scott, Words can't even express how thankful I am. Your mentorship, your dedication, and your support guided me through the hardest test I have ever taken!! I enjoyed each class - as you made it fun and easy to learn. I believe all your wonderful drawings, key points given, along with word association for pathology helped me understand how to answer questions more confidently. A ton of weights was lifted off when I finished my Exam and now that I passed, I will have no more sleepless nights.
Thank you again!

Amy Shaw